Why Choose Blue Water Urgent Care Clinic

QUICK IN, QUICK OUT – avoid the long emergency department wait times and overcrowding. Get in and back home where you belong. With state of the art on site digital x-ray, we get the result in minutes and our board certified physicians can get you on your way in no time.

Why We Do What We Do

Service Is our Passion

Our mission extends beyond the clinic and into the Port Huron and Marysville surrounding community that we serve. Not only do provide exceptional health services in a fast and courteous manner, we also give back to the community in a number of ways including free health check ups, outreach to those who are less fortunate and lending a helping hand whenever we are called upon.

Open When You Need Us

Always There

Blue Water Urgent Care Clinic has extended hours so that you can come in before or after work or school every day of the year including holidays (yes, all 365 of them!). Because we are community-based in New Baltimore, we are right in your neighborhood.


We’re Setting the New
Standards in Medicine

Modern Technology

Let our board certified providers take care of all your work related illnesses and injuries. We offer digital x-ray, onsite lab, and handle all the required legal and employee paper work.

Certified Staff

Our Staff are not only certified but have extensive experience working in various medical capacities

Success Of Treatment

Can't wait to see your primary care doctor? No worries, we are available and trained to assist in any medication, refills, or primary medicine needs.